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St. Matthews Lutheran Church


Audio Livestream

You can now listen to our worship services live on Sunday mornings beginning at 9:30 a.m. (EST) instead of the delayed Golden Hour broadcast by FaithFM at 11 a.m. Since there is no 60 minute time limit, you may listen to the entire service no matter how long it goes. Please remember that this will be a live unedited (raw) version. There will be no FaithFM introduction or closing bookends.

If you tune in before the 9:30 a.m. start you might hear microphone sound checks or choir rehearsals. We do not feel that this new streaming service is a replacement of FaithFM’s audio stream on their web site but simply another choice for our listeners.

To begin listening, click on one of media player links listed below (or copy and paste the address to your browser). Pick a media player which is supported by your  computer, or use the Smartphone / tablet link. As the media player’s web site is opening, you may to need to click on a “listen” button on the bottom of your screen. If a security warning appears that says “this type of file may harm your computer” you can ignore it and click the “keep” button.  

Once the media player opens up, click the “play” button. If a pop-up appears stating that the server is not available it may indicate that the equipment in the St Matthews radio room has not been turned on yet, or that your device does not support that particular media player. Please then try another link.

Please note that these streams are live only (they are not available at any other time than the advertised service time).


iTunes /Apple Music:

Windows Media Player:

Real Player:

Smartphone/ Tablet (Android or iPhone):

​Permission to podcast / stream the music in our services obtained from ONE LICENSE, License #A-733192​. All rights reserved.

The following services are not broadcast live: Christmas Eve English, Christmas Day, or any Zoom or outdoor service.

The German Christmas Eve service is broadcast via these links on Dec 24th at 5 p.m. EST.