Ministry Volunteer Contacts

    Board of Directors:         

    President: Kim S.

    Vice-President: Bob K.

    Treasurer: Mary-Ellen W.

    Secretary: John H.

    Learning: Karen F. & Mike L.

    Running the Church: Jeanette H., John H., Don R., Ron R. & Dave W.

    Sharing & Caring: Linda R.

    Worship & the Arts: John H.

    Ministry Contacts:          

    Altar: Jeanette H.     

    Book Club: Paul K.

    Coffee Hour: Bev R.

    Communications: Karen F.

    Devotional Books: Marleen C.

    FaithLife Branch: Emannuel G.


    Foundation: Sylvia M.

    Learning: Henry F. & Karen F.

    Loaves & Fishes: Nick C.

    Mutual Ministry:            

    Office & Personnel: Diane K.

    Out of the Cold: Judy Z.

    Prayer Circle: Grace S.

    Property: Ron R.

    Radio: Andrew W.

    Sharing & Caring: Carey M-H.

    St. Matthews Women: Marjorie K.

    Sponsorships (Guide):

    Sunday School/VBS: Carey M-H.


    Redevelopment: Tim S.

    Worship & the Arts: Peter W.

    Youth: Sebastian M-H.