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    • Jan27Fri

      Christ is our cornerstone

      A sermon for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity January 27, 2023 by Sebastian Meadows-Helmer
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      Pr. Sebastian

      The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity  

      is an ecumenical international Christian week,  

      normally celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere  

      between January 18th and 25th.  

      For this observance, some churches might organize daily events,

      or concentrate on one joint service with neighbouring churches.

      The beginning of...

    • Jan9Mon

      Our baptismal calling

      A sermon for Baptism of our Lord January 9, 2023 by Sebastian Meadows-Helmer
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      Pr. Sebastian

      Today we hear about the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, his first public event as man, prophet and teacher.

      His ministry started with his baptism by his cousin, John,

      Who symbolically dunked him underwater at the river Jordan.

      As a baptized child of God, Jesus would go about his mission helping people and talking about God.

      As we remember...

    • Dec25Sun

      A cosmic delivery

      A sermon for Christmas Eve (Isaiah 26: 16-19) December 25, 2022 by Sebastian Meadows-Helmer
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      Pr. Sebastian

      The good news of the extraordinary birth has to do with the fact that Jesus will be brutally executed? 

      That’s not so cute, and isn't something to ooh and aah about!

      The birth is special because of the baby’s death.

      And yes, Christmas without keeping Good Friday and Easter in mind is absurd.

    • Dec19Mon

      Madonna or whore?

      An Advent 4 sermon December 19, 2022 by Sebastian Meadows-Helmer

      The question for Joseph is; was Mary a Madonna or a whore?

      Was Mary a perfect example of virtue or an immoral adulteress?

      Given that there were basically only two options to choose from,

      then what should he do with a societally non-normative woman 

      who was under his care?

    • Dec6Tue

      The warm-up band

      An Advent 2 reflection December 6, 2022 by Sebastian Meadows-Helmer

      Nobody would confuse the warm-up band with the main act. 

      There is a clear distinction in quality and popularity. 

      People come for the superstar, they don’t come for the opener…

      although oftentimes, the openers are surprisingly good, 

      even if you haven’t heard of them before.

    • Nov23Wed

      A different kind of King

      A sermon for Christ the King Sunday November 23, 2022 by Sebastian Meadows-Helmer
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      Pr. Sebastian

      So if Jesus is a different kind of King, 

      What does his kingdom look like?

      Jesus’ kingdom is a Kingdom of remembrance.

      Jesus is one who remembers us when he comes in to his own.

      Jesus’ kingdom is a kingdom of forgiveness,

      A place where all our sins are forgiven, our debts are paid in full.

      His is a kingdom of accompaniment,

      He is a shepherd king who walks with us through the darkest valley.

    • Nov1Tue

      God, our refuge and strength

      A Reformation Sunday Sermon November 1, 2022 by Sebastian Meadows-Helmer
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      Pr. Sebastian

      We have nothing to fear for God is near,

      That is the message of this Psalm of trust.

      God’s reign is universal, which gives us hope beyond what seems to be infinite, 

      but actually isn’t: God is beyond all that is, above, and before, 

      God is the stability amidst the chaos,

      The firm foundation and defence in the face of destruction and fear.

    • Oct16Sun

      Wrestling with God

      A sermon on Genesis 32 October 16, 2022 by Sebastian Meadows-Helmer
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      Pr. Sebastian

      When we struggle and argue with God, 

      this intense deepening relationship can give us new hope, 

      new meaning and new life, we can be blessed through the encounter 

      if we allow ourselves to be open to it.

    • Sep16Fri

      God seeks and loves

      A sermon on Luke 15 September 16, 2022 by Sebastian Meadows-Helmer
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      Pr. Sebastian

      Which one of you would leave the 99 behind to seek out the single lost one?

      This is actually a good question.

      Most people would probably answer: no!

      It’s not good use of time.

      You cut your losses and move along with the 99%.

      You don’t waste your time on the slim minority if the vast majority is secured.

    • Jul3Sun

      God is a mother

      A sermon on Isaiah 66 July 3, 2022 by Sebastian Meadows-Helmer
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      Pr. Sebastian

      But perhaps the most compelling passage which helps us understand that God is not just male is located in the first chapter of the Bible, in Genesis.

      (Gen 1:27) So God created humankind in his image, 

      male and female he created them.”

      So despite the fact that God is referred to here in the masculine,

      If men and women are created in God’s image, 

      then God must include both genders in God’s essence, 

      or in other words, God is non-binary, 

      or perhaps bi-gendered.