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    • Sep16Fri

      God seeks and loves

      A sermon on Luke 15 September 16, 2022 by Sebastian Meadows-Helmer
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      Pr. Sebastian

      Which one of you would leave the 99 behind to seek out the single lost one?

      This is actually a good question.

      Most people would probably answer: no!

      It’s not good use of time.

      You cut your losses and move along with the 99%.

      You don’t waste your time on the slim minority if the vast majority is secured.

    • Jul3Sun

      God is a mother

      A sermon on Isaiah 66 July 3, 2022 by Sebastian Meadows-Helmer
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      Pr. Sebastian

      But perhaps the most compelling passage which helps us understand that God is not just male is located in the first chapter of the Bible, in Genesis.

      (Gen 1:27) So God created humankind in his image, 

      male and female he created them.”

      So despite the fact that God is referred to here in the masculine,

      If men and women are created in God’s image, 

      then God must include both genders in God’s essence, 

      or in other words, God is non-binary, 

      or perhaps bi-gendered.

    • Jun27Mon

      Fornication and love

      A sermon for LGBTQ2SIA+ Sunday June 27, 2022 by Sebastian Meadows-Helmer
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      Pr. Sebastian

      Condemnation of same-gendered sexual activity as fornication 

      has been standard fare in homophobic discourses for a long time.

      However, according to one scholar, the listing of “fornication, impurity and licentiousness are not condemning sexual orientation or queer sexualities per se. Rather they are referring to acts of “hostility, anger and hate” and the way in which we “use people as things” instead of respecting other people.” (Cheng)

      In other words, what a lot of the listed activities have in common 

      is selfish abuse and disregard for the humanity of the other, 

      rather than mutuality, respect and love.

    • May29Sun

      Pray! Be one!

      A sermon for Confirmation Sunday (May 29, 2022) May 29, 2022 by Sebastian Meadows-Helmer
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      Pr. Sebastian

      As I read our Gospel text relating Jesus’ prayer on the eve  

      of his trial and death,

      I picture Jesus on his knees,  

      or perhaps better with arms wide outstretched looking up to heaven,  

      maybe like the painting we have of Jesus ascending  

      on our upper chancel back wall.  

      If it were like in a movie,  


    • May22Sun

      Stand up!

      A sermon for May 22 (Easter 6) May 22, 2022 by Sebastian Meadows-Helmer
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      Pr. Sebastian

      God’s gifts are true gifts, 

      no matter how undeserving we are.

      God’s gifts come with no conditions, and are freely bestowed.

    • Apr24Sun

      Peace be with you!

      A sermon for the Sunday after Easter Sunday April 24, 2022 by Sebastian Meadows-Helmer
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      Pr. Sebastian

      When we are on our knees, and praying: “Jesus, help me!”, 

      we are asking for Jesus to come to us, show his presence to us, comfort us,

      and stand with us in our hour of despair.

      Jesus may show us his scars too, 

      to demonstrate that he knows our pain, and understands our suffering,

    • The Heartbreak of Good Friday

      April 15, 2022 by Carey Meadows-Helmer
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      Pr. Carey

      Good Friday

      The Passion of Our Lord according to the Gospel of John

      What events and life circumstances have impacted you most in your life?

      Often we hear people say:

      I remember where I was here when …..

      People often remember vividly where they were and who they were with when a major event occurs, both good and not so good.  


    • Apr10Sun

      A time of trial (Luke 23)

      A sermon for Palm Sunday/ Sunday of the Passion April 10, 2022 by Sebastian Meadows-Helmer
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      Pr. Sebastian

      It’s almost as if you get a sense of whiplash, the focus is shifting so quickly. But in a way the speed at which events change mirrors that final week of Jesus’s life.For three years, Jesus’ ministry proceeded, with its ups and its downs, some highlights, some conflicts, but overall relatively peaceful and without major incident.

      But suddenly, in Jesus’ last week, his 150th week of his divine ministry, every day is a major event, as the showdown in Jerusalem at the Great Feast of the Passover comes to a head.

    • Apr3Sun

      Regarded as rubbish (Philippians 3)

      A sermon for Lent 5 April 3, 2022 by Sebastian Meadows-Helmer
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      Pr. Sebastian

      Anything no matter how good, can be a replacement for God if it’s what we trust or rely on most. 

      A god can be something that we’re proud of.

      Who is your god, is it your net worth, your spouse, 

      your kids, cottage or job?

    • Mar27Sun

      Reconciled through resurrection

      A sermon on 2 Corinthians 5 March 27, 2022 by Sebastian Meadows-Helmer

      Paul is alerting us to a paradigm shift, 

      a complete change in worldview that occurs in Christians.

      What’s old is now new,

      It’s like the old model is exchanged for the new model.

      It’s a miracle really.

      The Christian life is like starting over, turning over a new leaf,

      A bright new morning, fresh with new possibilities.