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    • Sep25Sun

      Christ in the Taxicab Driver

      September 25, 2016
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      Pr. David

      (Luke 16: 19-31 Jeremiah 32: 1-3a, 6-15)


      Jesus tells another colourful parable, which shines a spotlight on the problem of hostility and divisiveness in human nature and human society:

      … that we live in a divided, violent, and...

    • Sep18Sun

      Loving Well

      September 18, 2016
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      Pr. David

      At the CLAY gathering this past August (Canadian Lutheran-Anglican Youth gathering), we did a certain exercise in the large group gathering that unnerved me. It `hit me right here.’


    • Sep11Sun

      Hiking the Bruce

      September 11, 2016
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      Pr. David

      Being lost and alone, adrift and missing.

      This seems to be a common theme arising from the scriptures this morning.


      Jesus speaks of one sheep gone missing, and the shepherd leaving the 99 in search of that one lost sheep.

      And the woman desperately searching for that one lost coin...

    • Jul24Sun

      Sandcastles & Prayer

      July 24, 2016
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      Pr. David

      (Hosea 1:2-10 Luke 11:1-13)


      You may know there’s a certain etiquette or protocol when greeting a royal figure – the Queen of England, for example:


      …One must remember, if you’re a male, to offer a small bow of the head, and if you’re female, a small...

    • Jul10Sun

      The Green Spruce is our Neighbour

      July 10, 2016
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      Pr. David

      For many different reasons, these days, I’ve been thinking about oceans, and deep waters ….


      …. not least of which are these wonderful underwater, oceanic decorations filling this chancel and sanctuary, in preparation for this upcoming week’s Vacation Bible School….


      … also because this August...

    • Jul3Sun

      Bishop Munib Younan & the Church's Mission

      July 3, 2016
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      Pr. David



    • Jun19Sun

      Ready to "go there"?

      June 19, 2016
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      Pr. David

      I don’t normally enjoy watching horror type movies.

      “Horror” is not my film genre of choice.


      And so when scary parts of a movie I’m watching unexpectedly...

    • May30Mon

      Wisdom Calls

      May 30, 2016
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      Pr. David

      (Confirmation Sunday)



      Wisdom. To do the "wise thing…" we say.


      Isn’t that what we all want?


      From the day you were born – Alyssa, Peter, Adam and Claire – this is likely what your parents and grandparents have always wanted and wished – and probably also worried about -- for you: that as...

    • May15Sun

      God’s Spirit is Good Energy Spirit

      May 15, 2016
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      Pr. David

      Reading through this passage in the book of Acts 2:1-21 – about the Holy Spirit coming upon those disciples, unifying and enlivening them to carry forward the ministry of Jesus – do you notice the positive energy just brimming in this story?

      So much life and goodness just bubbling over:

      Followers of Jesus, once divided over language...

    • May8Sun

      Mediterranean Ministry Adventures

      May 8, 2016
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      Pr. David

      Acts 16:16-34

      This snapshot we have today of Paul’s ministry adventures in the Middle East has it all!
      From a boisterous fortune teller, to a fortuitous earthquake!
      It’s a breathtaking story.

      And this is what I notice about it:
      Like the call to Paul and Silas, the call of God is one that involves motion, movement, a going forth, a...