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      Children's Message: Eating Healthy for Our Bodies and the Planet

      October 3, 2021 by Carey Meadows-Helmer
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      Pr. Carey

      Season of Creation Sunday

      Hello dear children of God,

      Do any of you like to help make food creations in the kitchen? Do you pull a chair or stool up to the counter so you can work alongside a grown up? Maybe you like to measure the flour, sugar, salt, eggs, milk, butter and baking powder for pancakes like my kids. Maybe some of you are at the stage that you have learned to make your own recipes. What do you like to cook? 

      It’s good to know what we’re putting into our bodies.  Some things we know aren’t good for our bodies like too much sugar, or too many processed foods (anything that’s in a package). Other things give us energy that fuels our bodies with the vitamins and minerals we need to be healthy.  

      I’m sure you’ve thought about what is healthy for your body. I wonder, 

      have you ever thought about what foods are good for the environment?

      Some foods are harder on the environment while others impact the environment less.  Some foods are better for the environment.

      Can you believe it? What we eat helps us to care for our bodies and the  environment.

      I’ll give you a little quiz.  Let’s start with an easier question.

      What is better for your body and the planet?

      A locally grown organic apple or a package of fruit gummy treats. 

      You’ve got it. Less packaging is better for both our bodies and the planet.

      You might have heard that it’s helpful to buy local food. It’s doesn’t have to travel as far.

      Here’s another question:

      What’s better for the planet?

      Eating a meal with lentils or a meal with lamb?

      If you answered lentils, you are correct. 

      While I like to eat meat, I am being more intentional about having days with only plant based foods. Many studies now suggest that this is good for your body and the planet. 

      Some of the most sustainable food are tomatoes, tofu, peas, and broccoli. While lamb, beef, pork, cheese, farmed salmon, chicken and eggs are harder on the planet. 

      I can’t see myself giving up meat entirely or cheese, however, I will make an effort to reduce my consumption.  I certainly won’t be making a tofu turkey for Thanksgiving although I’m not opposed to trying and kudos to those who are. 

      Do you want to join my challenge?  Eating nourishing foods for our body that have less impact on the planet. I imagine many of you already do so.

      What good recipes do you have that are good for the environment? 

      Share them with me.  Maybe this can be a new section in our weekly email. 

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