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    A Spiritual Life

    June 7, 2012
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    Pr. David
    “A spiritual life doesn’t necessarily lead to tranquility, to peace, or to a beautiful feeling about ourselves, or about how nice it is to be together with others. The chipping-away process can hurt. It might mean being lonely in a place where you never wanted to go. It might lead you to a vocation you never sought. It might ask you to do uncomfortable things. Or it might ask you to obediently and routinely do comfortable things that are not very dramatic when you prefer adventure. The spiritual truth is that God is at work in each of us and in our communities and families. Often, the companionship of trusted friends allows us to see how God is at work. We can’t always see God’s activity by ourselves.” ~ Henri Nouwen, Spiritual Direction: Wisdom for the Long Walk of Faith  (Harper One, NY, 2006) page 20.

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