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  • Reflections on CLAY 2018 Youth Gathering

    We are storytellers and story tenders August 27, 2018 Pastor Sebastian
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    Pr. Sebastian
    But rejoice: there are still faithful youth, and they are here and ready to worship, learn and meet, especially in a format that is geared to them.
  • Jul15Sun

    Prophesying against power

    The Death of John the Baptist (Mark 6) July 15, 2018 Pastor Sebastian
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    Pr. Sebastian

    So today, in a lazy mid-Summer hot Sunday service,

    we have the best, or perhaps worst, 

    story of sex and violence in the New Testament,

    a story which has inspired artwork and artistic interpretations throughout the ages, from painters like Lucas Cranach to composers like Richard Strauss:

    “The Dance that caused the prophet’s death”

  • Jul5Thu

    Praying for Sick People

    Mark 5: 21-43 July 5, 2018 Pastor Sebastian
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    Pr. Sebastian

    Do we keep our faith when miracle healings DON’T happen?

    is our faith all in vain, when these intercessions don’t become reality?

    What happens if the sick woman for whom I am praying dies?

  • Jun18Mon

    Love the refugee as yourself

    A sermon for World Refugee Sunday June 18, 2018 Pastor Sebastian
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    Pr. Sebastian

    We need to help refugees and to oppose policies that degrade human rights of refugees and immigrants (for example the current inhuman practices along the US-Mexican border, and the immoral and wicked separation of children and parents).

  • May15Tue

    Who are the wicked?

    Psalm 1: The way of the wicked and the way of the righteous May 15, 2018
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    Pr. Sebastian

    I’d like you now to think about this:

    who for you is wicked?

    if you had to name somebody who is wicked, who would that be?

    today, now, 

    who is wicked?

  • Apr3Tue

    Not a zombie!

    Pastor Sebastian's first Easter Sermon at St. Matthews April 3, 2018
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    Pr. Sebastian

    By being silent, the women leave room for God.

    The story is then not as much about what the women did or saw,

    but it’s about what God did!

    The focus is on God! 

  • Mar14Wed

    For God so what?

    John 3:14-21 March 14, 2018
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    Pr. Sebastian

    But if God is love and loves the whole world,

    how can anyone perish?

    If God is all love for all,

    how can anybody be excluded?

  • Feb26Mon

    Why Ash Wednesday?

    February 26, 2018 Pastor Sebastian
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    Pr. Sebastian

    The ashen cross points to resurrection and eternal life.

  • Jan23Tue

    Apologize and Repent!

    Baptism of our Lord January 7 2018 January 23, 2018 Pastor Sebastian
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    Pr. Sebastian

    Use four sentences.

    Sentence one begins: I’m sorry for… (fill in the blank)

    Sentence 2 begins. This is wrong because… (da-da-da)

    Sentence 3 begins: In the future I will… [gesture]

    Sentence 4 is simple: Will you forgive me?

  • Dec24Sun

    Be Joseph

    Pastor Sebastian's first Christmas Eve sermon December 24, 2017 Pastor Sebastian
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    Pr. Sebastian



    Our Gospel reading from Luke about the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem is perhaps the most famous and most popular Christian story. 

    We hear it year in, year out on Christmas Eve. 

    Sunday School Pageants retell the story of how God so loved the world,

    that God came to earth, and was born a human child, just like any of us,

    and we...