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  • Jul12Sun

    God's Wild Abandon

    July 12, 2020


    One of Martin Luther’s often repeated quotes is,  

    Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces,  I would still plant my apple tree.


    While the world is not ending, Covid has certainly caused upheaval. During this Covid lockdown, Sebastian and I have planted a few more trees at our home. Trees are...

  • Come to Jesus, if you are weary, worn, or sad!

    A sermon for July 5th, Pentecost 5 July 5, 2020
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    Pr. Sebastian

    Jesus’ comfort is like that of a caring father who will hold on to our hand when we’re asleep, undergoing a painful operation. 

    Jesus won’t let go of our hand, even if he has the opportunity to. 

    His promise means something, and he won’t break his promise.

  • Jun29Mon

    Punishment and Sacrifice

    Would God want a child sacrifice? June 29, 2020
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    Pr. Sebastian

    Is God angry at us?

    Is God punishing us through this coronavirus pandemic?

  • Jun21Sun

    Your Way

    June 21, 2020
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    Pr. Carey


    The questions that Eva asked lingers with me.

    “What do you people up there in Waterloo think of us?”  

    “How do you see us on the reserve?”


    I am wanting to ask Eva a follow-up question.  How do you want to be seen?  Because in this answer, I wonder if we might discover how we are missing the...

  • Jun17Wed

    Suffering produces Endurance?

    with reference to BIPOC suffering June 17, 2020
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    Pr. Sebastian

    But perhaps suffering in the past two weeks has really risen to our consciousness in what’s being called the racial pandemic, 

    or the greatest global racial unrest in history.

    At its core is the suffering of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour who suffer at the hands of systemic injustice and racism in structures of our society.

  • Jun4Thu

    Pentecost Virtual Holy Communion

    A sermon for Pentecost Sunday, May 31, 2020 June 4, 2020
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    Pr. Sebastian

    So this passage (Numbers 11) is perhaps a good pandemic reference for us.

    The Holy Spirit is poured out on those even if they’re not present,

    And if we hold this as true, we can say that communion 

    (mediated by the Holy Spirit) is also valid if we’re scattered all about.

  • Christ ascends, and the Spirit will descend

    Jesus Raised, the Sequel

    A sermon for Ascension Sunday May 25, 2020
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    Pr. Sebastian

    So the Feast of the Ascension should be important to us as worshipping Christians, but it isn’t.


    Why not?

    I think part of it, is that it’s an awkward story for us 

    modern enlightened people.

  • May10Sun

    God's Escape Room

    Fifth Sunday of Easter May 10, 2020
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    Pr. Carey

    Fifth Sunday of Easter
    Scripture: John 14:1-7


    Escape Rooms 

    An activity growing in popularity these days is something called an escape room.  You have to solve clues to get out a room. It’s not meant to be a scary experience. It’s meant to engage your mind and the strength of the team you are working with. The goal:...

  • May4Mon

    Our comforting Shepherd for pandemic times

    Easter 4, Good Shepherd Sunday May 4, 2020
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    Pr. Sebastian

    God is a source of comfort, not just in theory, but in real situations, 

    like what we are in today.

  • Discovering God Along the Way

    Third Sunday of Easter April 26, 2020
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    Pr. Carey

    Luke 24: 13-35

    What have you discovered along the way? 

    We knelt at the cross. Ran to the tomb. Today we walk on the road to Emmaus.
    While we’re often in a hurry to get to the destination, some of the most profound moments are stops or challenges along the way, those planned or spontaneous.  Moments where a connection is made...