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    • Jul11Mon

      Phone System Down

      July 11, 2022 by Sebastian Meadows-Helmer

      We regret to inform that both our phone & door buzzer systems are down at this time.

      We have been experiencing some technical issues and we are needing to get a new system, with a target of mid-September. In the meantime, you can contact us by calling our alternate office number (226-566-6059) or email any St. Matthews staff.

      Please contact us in advance whenever possible to pre-arrange a time to be let into the church. We have a temporary doorbell at the parking lot entrance (on the door frame) for use during office hours. We will inform you when it is back up and running. We apologize for any inconvenience!

      Main Office (Leanne). 226-566-6059

      Please note, you may leave a message at 226-566-6059 for any staff. 

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