We love performing weddings in our beautiful church.  The package, "Getting Married at St. Matthews" will help you to understand some of the guidelines surrounding a wedding at St. Matthews.  You can download it here

    If you are interested in renting the church to get married by your own Pastor, please contact the church office for more information or download our wedding rental package here.

    Christians hold that the foundation for the love that marriage partners feel for one another rests within the ultimate love God has shown to us in Jesus Christ. It must be understood, first and foremost, that a Marriage Service is as much a Service of Worship as is any other worship service held in God’s house. Its primary objective is to be an expression of praise and thanksgiving to our gracious and almighty God. It is therefore assumed that reverence will be observed at all times. Guests should understand that they are present in God’s house, not as spectators, but as worshipers.

    St. Matthews, its members, officers, agents, and pastors will continue to facilitate marriages according to the laws of the province of Ontario, including marriages of same-gendered couples.

    It is hoped that couples intending to marry at St. Matthews would also choose St. Matthews as their church home, or would already be actively involved in this or another faith community.

    A married couple needs the emotional and spiritual support of a community that extends beyond the couple’s immediate circle of friends and family. For that reason, a church home will be important to you in the days and years ahead. It is important that you have one in which you feel comfortable, in which the foundation of your marriage can be established, and in which you can be actively involved and nurtured in faith.

    Preparation for your wedding begins by first choosing a tentative date and time for it.  Then you may call the church office (519-742-0462) to tentatively reserve the church building for your wedding day. The earlier you do this, the better.  The exact time and day of your wedding, however, will be confirmed following your meeting with the Pastor.  It is best if you meet with the Pastor before making any other wedding plans.


    Marriage Verification Letter

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