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St. Matthews Lutheran Church


Music Ministry


In 1943, Casavant Bros., (St. Hyacinthe, Quebec) began rebuilding the church organ.  An echo organ and a set of chimes operated from the main organ were installed beside the pulpit.  Mute pipes and carved wooden angels were placed in front of the echo organ and above the original location of the baptismal font (on the other side of the chancel).  The angels symbolize the call of the trumpet at the end of our time.  The angels were made by the Globe Furniture Co.

The organ was originally comprised of 52 stops and 2,658 pipes.  A renovation project in 1992 added 300 new pipes to the 4 keyboard instrument.


Music is a very important part of the Lutheran faith, and also to St. Matthews.  We have various choirs that enhance our worship experience:

Sanctuary Choir- This choir provides musical leadership and ministry at our Sunday morning services.  The choir participates in several outreach events each year, such as the Advent Carol Service.

Cherubim & Seraphim Choir - Our Junior Choir, comprised of singers ages six to twelve, enjoy singing at church services and retirement homes.  This choir also has members that are not from the Lutheran faith community who have joined to participate in this youthful group.

Celebration Bells - This choir enhances our services with their expertise in the use of 37 handbells.

For more information on any of our musical groups, please contact Deacon Scott Knarr at 519-742-0462 x 15 or